Wednesday, August 12, 2009

you should cast spells.

this morning was stressful.
i woke up frantic from a dream where i was being murdered and
all my friends either ran away or where murdered too.
i was wearing some old band t-shirt from the 80's.
it was red and you couldn't really see my blood because of it.

i was restless after that and wanted to run away from my house, in the
hopes of somehow running into a few thousand dollars so that she
could just relax and stop thinking about her age or lack thereof.

this afternoon was a waste.

this night is gonna be too long.

i want september to hurry along so that october rolls right over
me and
the cold wind starts to make me love blankets again
jackets are a necessity
and gloves are always in my bag
you can see your breath in still frame
lingering long after your short
words do.
theyare simplyspells waiting forsomeone to careabout what yousay.

(you should cast spells)

it was on her t-shirt.

your blood was not.

1 comment:

  1. I gave Jessalyn that shirt. There's a really great band called Cast Spells. Its the side project of the singer of Maps and Atlases, and that is their merch shirt.

    Check them out, they're amazing.