Saturday, August 22, 2009


we watched the weather as we held thumbs
yours was bigger than mine of course,
you being the machine.
and you ran your fingers down my neck and said
"i am waiting to see your menacing side"
to which i replied
"well, you'll die before that occurs"
to which you placed a dagger in your side
and bled to death
right there,
on those steps
where we once used to sit and watch sky flare
or where dinner was a mainstay.
and you were right, when you said that nothing was going to go away.

but after reading Baldwin, all of these blank scenarios and dialouge keep
plummaging my head
repeating themselves into my skull.

he was kind
he wore button up shirts
with blue lapel pants.
weathered skin
and a sex drive to match.

she had no sympthany for the tired nor the absent minded.
she was a modern day whore turned pacifist turned into again
a dreary soul
who cleaned sidewalks,
scouring for drugs
or dimes
or loose teeth.

one day, with her head down
she bumped into his feet.

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