Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I got the call one afternoon from Maria that Tendon had overdosed again.
I say again, because I was expecting this call.
You see, Maria and I have a routine.
Some may call it sick, I call it pretty simplistic.
Tendon will go unnanounced one morning "mysteriously" ,
the backdoor to his house will be unlocked,
Maria will get some faint "intuition" and call him.
The call will go unanswered,
she will then call Stagnero frantically,
who will then proceed to make the drive over to Tendon's house.
Upon arrival,
Stagnero will grab the mail from the mailbox,
unlatch the backyard fence,
and come through the unlocked back door.
Finding Tendon is never an easy thing to do,
but Stagnero has gotten rather good at it.
There on the table in the kitchen will be a notepad with a number on it,
a fresh bowl of fruit and a shoelace.
Tendon will either be in 1. his room 2. the kitchen or 3. his laundry room.
(Tendon will never be found in the bathroom because in his own words "it's just not a dignified place for someone to die").
His mouth will be slightly blue and his face a bit pale.
Either in a fetal position or arms folded across his chest,
Tendon will always be wearing his favorite green sweater.

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