Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tendons.(part 1)

-loyal friend.
-happy friend.
-tragic yet not urgent friend (you can say somewhat of a wimp).
-suicidal friend who attempts but is unsuccessful every time.

a dark comedy.

characters (as is):

reggie, the loyal friend who is also the narrator. hates confrontation therefore analyzes everything and everyone. works at a hotel but is planning to quit.

stagnero, the happy friend who is only called by his last name (it's been like this since he was 8). now 26, only wears pastel colors and has an obsession with odd numbers. secretly hates (abhors!) his job but is obsessed with keeping his happy demeanor (it's all he knows).

maria (possibly will change name), the tragic yet non commital friend who has OCD, mainly to do with her hands and the items she touches. has a fascination with rings and bracelets, marbles, pins, etc (pretty much anything small that is a bin or jar). often plays the victim in her relationships, which turn out to be pathetic attempts at love (criss crossing btwn men and women). pretty much a social phobe yet becomes quite the slut when drunk or high.

tendon, the suicidal friend who attempts but is unsuccesful every time. his attempts do not any longer scare nor bother his friends. they are looked upon as natural and when he no longer tries to kill himself, only then do his friends think something is wrong with him.

reggie is the narrator of the story.
tendon is the most realistic character
whereas maria is frightening and hilarious.
stagnero is borderline annoying (?)

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