Saturday, August 22, 2009

flying lotus.

listened to flying lotus yesterday
the whole house was mine
for an hour.
it felt amazing.
to be naked without shame,
humming as i walked from room to room with time to kill and
nothing to do.
no obligations for 40 minutes,
no faces to apologize to,
no meetings to catch,
no phone to ring.

babe, it was just me and you.
low end beats and your sirens crashing.
i kept you on repeat,
writhing and writhing.

and then later on in the car,
while listening to more
i realized what i lacked
and what simple thing made me feel like me again.
(and i know, we all have "this",
that "thing" that makes us feel sane, safe, young again)
and for me,
it is hip-hop.
simple and repeitive
slurring of the words,
rotation and rotation

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