Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i cut my fingernails today. 
cut them clean off,
straight and focused. 
(don't regret don't regret don't regret)

in the morning in LA is a bit surreal.
no noise
no loud cars
all my friends are still asleep.
except genaro who is cooking breakfast.
i want coffee more than i think i've ever wanted before.

the sun is coming on strong
and the couch bed i made for us to sleep on last night
was still comfortable when i woke up.
i slid off to the left 
so Dani could have the whole.

chelsea was awake, like always
she is a beautiful machine.
i don't think her mind will allow her to sleep much
because it's hounded by creativity.

and i am in small track shorts, thinking of books i will read
when i get home. 

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