Monday, August 17, 2009

sophia loren.

oh, and the back window! the back window! the back window!
and the living room, the living room
my room.
and you
on the floor
near the nightstand.
and all of this happened roughly 2 years ago.
you in your blue sweater.
it was soft and it was kind and
i wanted to borrow it.
(i never did).

and mouths shattered
lights outside exploded
and Tycho played
and feet shuffled
and the stairs were so dirty once we entered.

the floors a mess
once we had decieded to leave.
and all those knives on the stove
halfway burnt in order to feel good

the couch that he slept on.
the tv i never had.

and the door was set up in a barricade
the night you came over.
the boys wanted to play a trick on us.
but we didnt laugh.
well, yes we did.
he had a face that resembled Sophia Loren
and then he had a face that mutated colors.
and she had a face that crushed matter
and i had no eyes, only eager limbs.

and in that room, standing in the center
for the first time
i felt my spine.

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