Friday, August 28, 2009


no matter what anyone says,
the hotel business is simply just that.
a business.
don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
this hotel business is a counter culture.
a number zero.
one who thrives on the mutual success of others,
an umbrella of blood sucking amatures who yearn to be professionals,
an army of blue vested semi-attractive zombies who nod their heads in
false sympathetic waves and speak in robotic-like directions.
"i am here for you" is the mimicry,
the stout stance that is well under developed.
the guests who are my novacaine,
the directors of my paycheck,
the absent father or petrified lover,
otherwise known as the
mistress chasm.
or more familiarly,
the revered hole in the head.

can't you tell i just love my title?

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