Friday, May 22, 2009

white night (s)

last night in the living room, the tv blaring, the dogs running around, the family sitting on the porch, and i alone in the living room heard slightly frightening news

the anchorwoman announced that it was the 30th anniversary of Harvey Milk's death. "the white nights" protests that had occured 30 years ago in S.F. were blasted all over the news. it was amazing to see but sad at the same time.

she then remarked on the Supreme Courts ruling over same-sex marriage in California. The decision will be addressed Tueday morning.
there will be a huge rally on the corner of 20th and L st no matter the decision.
(mygodpleasedontletignoranceandarrogancerulethisstate. pleaselethumanbeingshavehumanrights. endwhatnonsensewehavebeenlivingthelast5monthspleasepleasepleaseplease).

if not, then let there be protests just as fierce as the "white nights". and why not?
why not reverse to violence that happened 30 years ago? I say, go for it.
we are reversing back into time anyways with the decision to discriminate.

i say,

violence? it's hard to not want it when you are felt less than human.

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