Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dominque moceanu.

this past week has gone by rather quickly. i don't remember anything. and it's only wed. night but it feels like November. or the 13th. or 2 years ago. i'm emptying out thoughts on paper in class today and i hear nothing from the teach but static.

i need to ice my wrists.
i need to work on vocals.
i need to stop saying "i".

lame. we all write in the first person. i guess. guess.

here are 2 topics i researched tonight.

1. the 1994 rwanda genocides-nearly 1 million people were killed in 3 months. that is 10,000 a day, 400 an hour, and 7 a minute. 500,000 women were raped and either killed, tortured, or contacted HIV.

fuck you killers. fuck you.

i have been quite obsessed with this story for some years now and perhaps it is because i cannot grasp the human physical ability to commit such grave and cruel acts. and all of this simply because of a fucking racial "divide" myth.

i had to chill out so i researched this girl.

2. dominque moceanu- i used to have it bad for this girl. i'm talking mary j. blige "real love" kind of bad. i think this was when i could not deny my sexuality. i was 12 during the 1996 olympics. she was 14. she was the prettiest thing i had seen at the time. and she was humble.

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