Thursday, May 28, 2009

let him sleep on.

anxiety, anxiety, panic panic not non non non non.

ok. let's re-discover the outer world and the people that live in it. the ones with honorable mentions and rare diseases. please.
i want commotion. i want nostalgia. i want to barely breathe.

my hands clenched tight as she told me the news, the old girl with the new words of the ancient thoughts with the 2 year old motives of the modern day, today.
i, being human (aw please god make it not so) am inclined, almost obsessed with keeping what is mine (and even if it is not, trying to attain it so)
i'm quite fond of small things, like rings or bands or placemats. I don't think i've ever told anyone
i used to collect metal.
i used to sing to my first LP on vinyl, diana ross + the supremes.
i used to watch my dad mow the lawn from my bedroom window.
i used to impersonate elvis.
i used to be in love with a girl named selena. she was mexican and 4 years older than me. i was 9.
i used to hold my grandmother's hands.
i used to hug my dad and mean it.
i used to pray.
i used to play football outside in the front yard with my brother.
i used to light candles in my bedroom.
i used to fall asleep to sigur ros at night.

when the present isin't what you want, think of the past and it will make you laugh.

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  1. we used to fall asleep with candles lit and listen to sigor ros, or as roger would say "that weird russian guy" i dont think anyone ever told him he was from ice land. some things are better left unsaid.