Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm glad i'm not a boy.

she would be pregnant by now.


anne sexton breaks my heart. i found her writing this week and was enthralled, inspired, and in a trance. her writing is beautiful and tragic and quite appealing (just to tone it down a bit). I, being the nerd with alot of time on her hands during work hours) researched her and found out that she cheated on her husband many times and hurt her children. Now, i'm not a advocate or believer in cheating (i think it is cowardly) but I understand that people make mistakes, stupid mistakes. Doesnt make it right, but it happens. It's lame but it happens. But you don't fuck with kids.

Anne Sexton, you don't fuck with your own children, or any children for that matter!

I'm so dissapointed and mad right now, i am screaming to the clouds in the hopes that my voice breaks through to you.

i was looking for a literary hero ma.

you just can't be it now.

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