Saturday, May 23, 2009


for some reason right now, i am fascinated with remembering the year 1996.
(nostalgia seems to be my obsession, i guess).

i don't know who reads this blog but i think i like to remember for the simple sake of remembering. documenting is also an obsession of mine because i think that when I die, something will be left (even if it is on the internet).

but 1996.

the olympics ruled my heart. moceanu + whatnot (but i've talked about that already). music was huge for me. fiona apple, bone thugs. biggie + tupac. TLC. aalyiah. edwin mccain's one hit. sister hazel (ha, i admit) god, back then so many singles. ones that you would be afraid to admit that you liked today but back then, you couldnt help but love.

i remember lying in my bed with headphones on, falling asleep every night to Third Eye Blind's self-titled album. it was comforting. it was red.
i still love that album. I recently found 3 other people to admit that they not only own but love that album as well. it was a relief.

i also remember when MTV was good. when you could turn it on and find music videos of all genres, interviews with your favorite artists, and good documentaries/movies.
Romeo + Juliet. I was obsessed with that movie. Titanic. Basketball Diaries. (i think i was obsessed with leonardo dicaprio).

Or, remember MTV's "celebrity wrestling"? i used to watch that show with my brother and cousins.

or golden girls! i still love this show immensely but i used to watch the marathons with my older cousin Gary. I would make fun of him and call him "dorothy". he took pride in it, secretly.

i miss him.
i just realized that.

remembering so much kills hours.


  1. celebrity deathmatch was amazing. as was daria.
    and the cardigans, still my favorite...eek

  2. yea! maddy, daria was one of my favorites!