Wednesday, January 6, 2010

stole this from chelsea

favorite songs this year: "stars"-warpaint// "out from under"-voices voices//"mojo pin"-jeff buckley (never gets old)// (i kinda hid from music this year)

favorite movie you saw this year: msnbc documentaries.

fave websites: (ha)

favorite book you read this year: jean genet biography//"another country" by james baldwin

favorite place you visited this year: portland with jessie

a really good memory: getting opehlia//2nd christmas with jordyn//first valentine's day with jordyn and luigi's pizza and beer//tour with sc fam + wolf//meeting nico and jenean//meeting paul at manimal//la bou mornings

something you learned this year: that good things can happen. and that bad things can happen too.

something new!: man i mal.

item of clothing most worn in 2009: black pirates hat + green thrift store old man sweater.

favorite horoscope!: i have no idea.

favorite image: la bou double iced espresso with vanilla + low fat milk

biggest challenge for you this year: learning to become organized and business oriented.

who was your muse?: jordyn + jean genet.

quote to sum up yr year: "but i'm not afraid to go, but it goes so slow" -j. buckley. (next tat)

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