Friday, January 15, 2010

no cloth for heart.

i'm not usually one to dwell on anxious feelings.
wait. hold on. i guess i am. 
but man, i swear i've tried to let things go but there is something that is not and has not went away-and fuck it, i'm keeping to it. 
i think that we tend to try to let things go without following our instincts.
i can't do it this time.
don't know why. 
maybe soon life will show me exactly why i've been holding onto this lingering feeling-a big slap in the face-a kick to the gut-a heavy tear.
either way, i can't care.
i'd like to live like Epictetus- the stoic who refused to let any outside force get to him.

stone for hands//no cloth for heart//humming silently the purpose.

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