Tuesday, January 19, 2010


 i'd like 
to shut the world
one eye
at a time.
lucas, where are you? 
somewhere, fumbling down the sidewalks of Seattle. 

i'd like to make some grand change in my life but i couldn't tell you where to really start.
i could start running, drink more water, eat more vegetables, drink less coffee, read more, write more, sing more, hide out even more, talk less, listen more, listen less, talk more, draw, learn a language, get in a fight, watch more documentaries, paint my nails, cut my hair, go swimming, dance in the rain,

i need to do something. 


  1. i tried painting the nails last time i was in this mood. weird and pathetic, dont try it.

  2. i have thursday and friday off. want to go do something different? callme if so :)