Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i disappoint.
it's not that i'm ok with this statement, that i am able to so easily admit it
but it's in my blood.
i come from a long line of disappointers.
and i'm just trying to be real with myself.

there has been a few people lately that i have disappointed by not being able to be available for them. for this, i do sincerely apologize.
but i try to go with what i can do and
so for this, i can sleep at night.
i learned a long time ago that there are plenty of other issues to keep you awake at night-
and this one just can't be one of them.

if this sounds harsh at all, i'm not trying to be.
this is a blog and i'm just venting.

nothing is the end of the world.
and my time is not that important.

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