Sunday, April 5, 2009

downdowndown, spine.

a stranger gave me some advice today. she listened and it came suddenly. the realization that years do matter and that experience comes in time. love is essential and surreal when it's heavy. the one i love is permanent and not just a fleeting emotion. i hold that ideal dearly.

and it's clear. i need an ipod, soon. when things hit, i go to my ipod and sink into headphones. i think i lost my ipod on my birthday trip with the girls. tucked away in the glove box...or in someone else's hands and ears. all my music. comfort. calm. gone.

so, today...when it would have been a godsend, it wasant there. and so, all i had were my raw emotions and full blown mind.

i'd rather music fill down my spine.

hours to kill without it is damaging.

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