Wednesday, April 22, 2009

motion picture (filmsfilmsfilms)

and i've decieded that there are not enough champions or heroes or lovers. lovers.lovers.

love her.

ok. (so my favorite movies, to distract my before mentioned statement)

1. magnolia- what the fuck is paul thomas anderson. (this is not a question. this is a statement) you are not human. you are illegal. your mind is a weapon and your heart is a ship. i can't control my feelings for this movie, nor would i want to. you, you, you. (fucking kill it).

2. the royal tennenbaums- wed anderson. wes anderson. wes anderson. margot. suicide scene. elliott smith. red adidas tracksuits. the past, the past, the past.

3. me you and everyone we know- miranda july, have my babies (or just make another movie please)

honorable mentions: ghost world, american beauty, i heart huckabees, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, punch-drunk love, etc.

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