Thursday, April 16, 2009

prayer (flume).

sitting in the backseat of the van that she rented, three women in the back but somtimes i feel like a girl.

your last night. and you played bon iver as we were driving home. held hands with dan as the first song made me break into tears...didnt want anyone to see so i turned to the right towards the car window (secretly wanting to crash into the glass, secretly wanting you to stay).

every song made me cry. you don't know who you are to me, you don't know, you don't.

i prayed last night before i fell asleep that the god(s) keep you safe. i wished this morning to an eyelash on my fingertips.

for every night that you are gone, i will light a candle (mother mary, how fitting) and wish you nothing but life

reckless and straightway dangerous (in full blown growth mode).


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  1. oh my God you mean the world to me. i wish SO MUCH that you were here holding my hand right now i need you