Monday, April 13, 2009

wake up in the sevens, ( )

school has started up again today, after a brief week that has seemed more like an eternity. a lot has happened within the week. a lot has developed, decayed, and progressed.

got a puppy. her name is ophelia james and she is the most adorable descent into happiness i've ever experienced.

started working on my own at a new job. it's limitless in head space and blog writing.

quit my job at peet's. no more discounted lattes, but i need to cut back on that anyway.

fucking obsessed with sigur ros. but when is that not the case? i don't care. i want to fall asleep to this album every night for a while. with no talking except for the slight samples he uses.

my god, he's fucking beautiful.

(you are not human by the way. no human could do this. no human could do this.)

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