Tuesday, April 28, 2009

around 11 p.m.

when lovers act out in spontanious motion, say at 11 at night, the sight could possibly burn eyes.
inside out. out in the inside. the look in eyes, for one slight moment could cause an explosion no one has seen before.
it can make the oldest young or the smartest dumb.

it can break your heart in ways never felt before.

your skin would change color. (possibly, all things are possible when it's felt, felt right)

lovers. simple at best, tragic when confined. tragic when problems are made that need not be. beautiful at it's most simple truimph. when you wake up in the morning next to her shoulder and simply want nothing more...

when you can be simple and not desire anything other than her simple breath, in her simple room, in the simple day, in the simple hour

that is flown into your chest.

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