Saturday, May 29, 2010


need some serious hiding time.
need some serious thinking time.
find out what i want.
what i don't want.
it's always a guessing game.
i guess, it's how we learn about each other, about ourselves.
it's not a big deal.
atleast, it doesn't have to be.

women are strange.
i am even stranger.
human beings in general have a ton of shit that comes along with them.
bags all around-bags all around.


i miss Jimmy. i miss our friendship.
friend! friend! friend!!!
can you hear me all the way out in the desert?
i know that you are somewhere building castles with fellow soldiers,
or writing beautiful letters,
thinking always
i miss our conversations.
and the drives to nowhere
where we would always end up somewhere.
just know, that i'm thinking about you and i hope that you are living beautifully.

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