Monday, May 10, 2010


today i learned that we will be opening up for THEMSELVES (the super human Doseone + the sweetheart Jel)...

i would go to the bay with my boys and drool over Dose's performance//
writing feverishly in an attempt to review his show//
the boys and i worshiped him and his Anticon tribe//

i remember studying the Subtle album
lying on my back
trying to picture his phrases against the ceiling
in a feeble attempt for it all to make sense

i remember us all driving in cars
blaring out THEMSELVES out the windows
we were so young
so carefree then

i remember camping and we were all in awe
acid and Jel's beats against our backs

i remember long drives to the hills with 13 & God sessions...
silently praying to beats that I believed in.

needless to say, my friends and I worshiped/woship him/them like a religion.

So, to be able to share a stage...if only for one night...

is a fucking honor.

(I want to be like Dose and never sleep and work 24/7. Living art. Not merely singing)

I guess it's a process. Taking it one day at a time.
Every other day I get a little discouraged,
Every other day I get a little more determined.

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