Wednesday, June 17, 2009

to the grave!

i was thinking about funerals last night and how horrible the thought is to think of losing anyone in my life. i am sorry but i must admit, that in this field i am awfully selfish.
i want to die before any of my close loved ones.
i do.
death has always been a subject that has been embedded into my head since i can remember. it's not really an eerie thought, rather than just a constant knowing that it is inevitable. sometimes i am scared of it, sometimes i am not .
once i even craved it.
now i am pretty much hoping to stay for a long time in order to experience my life with the ones that i adore.
i think this always happens for people. as soon as you get older, death becomes more real, more vivid, more in the cards.
it comes in cycles. it comes in storms.

i would like
a few songs to be played at my funeral (hoping that this does not happen for a long time)

but the classic "wish you were here" by pink floyd is a must.
"gong" or "singlapor" by sigur ros please
"sleepwalker" by santo & johnny.

other than that, that's all.

sorry for the depressed writing, but i feel really happy.
i just wanted to put that out there.

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