Saturday, June 13, 2009


this morning, my eyes stuck to the center not wanting to leave.
last night, my legs and feet felt numb (bothered by the wieght of this nothing).

we finally finished recording after 3 days at the hangar. jordyn called it "boot camp recording".
and it was. but it was the most amazing recording experience i have yet to have.

it baffles me how much our friends and family supported us over the last 3 days.

i still feel pretty numb, empty and dazed. my head is a cloud.
i want to sleep.
i want to watch first 48.
i want to read.
i want to listen to anthony green and screamscreamscream
while lying on a bed/grass/shower/backseat

pulling out my teeth.

i have a few more hours to go at work.
i haven't researched much.

i don't know why the update but i think it is important for me to write out my thoughts because i will feel more stable after all this, hopefully.

machu slipped 30 dollars in my work jacket pocket because i am a broke bitch.
i was stunned and teared up at work.
she comes through esp. when i ask nothing of her.

my god.
lethargy is my friend right now.

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