Wednesday, June 3, 2009

poverty, at best.

if being poor means anything to you,
then i'll count my dimes darling because i have few.
i have songs that fill my head at a rapid pace,
books to the tons filled up on the sides of my non-existent bedroom.
with more cd's than any human probably should have.

i miss lucas johnson with my lungs.
i miss john horton more than i care to think of.
and i miss aaron fowler like i've never missed anyone before.

boys, all spread over the western terrain.
san francisco,seattle, and auburn.

i am in neither.

i am however, in a city that has led me to many new things.
need i list them, i may lose them so i will not.

and i don't know who this blog is for
probably no one
but being poor must be written about, sometimes.

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