Saturday, June 20, 2009


i swear, sometimes this hotel feels like i'm living in a wes anderson film.
the characters are the same, just wearing different uniforms and working different positions.
the cook is the hostess
the lobby maid is the bartender
the front desk associate is the busser.
i am wearing a blue blazer with a collar shirt and a tired grin
staring at the woman who is unhappy with her room
on the phone nearing an hour.
i am writing this in front of her.
(i am calm)

i miss the days in high school when i would be dropped off at my friend monica's house and lie upside down on her bed while watching "basketball diaries" and think for hours about my long 5 year high school crush (a boy, nevertheless)
and strum haphazardly on her out of tune guitar
singing about the alcatraz poster on her bedroom wall
or talking endlessly about what our little lives would

drama ensued (like it always does)
and we no longer talk.
and good thing
'fore we are two entirely different people.

but yes. good ol' 90's leonardo dicaprio.

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