Wednesday, September 9, 2009

thomas paine.

something here tells me that there are no boundaries here.
i'm standing here, wanting to pull my hair out.
if you think boredom is a word that shouldn't exist,
then you obviously have never worked at a hotel front desk.
and i am not complaining outright,
nor do i think that this is the worst place possible...
but it's becoming the thing that keeps me up at night,
the mere thought of putting that blue blazer on again
and answering phones
and lying to people, acting as if i care.

here is the truth.
i don't care.
i am 24 years old.
and i have much bigger goals than to be someone's servant.
oh but everyone must pay thier dues,
i knowiknowiknowthisiknowthisiknowthis
but i'm tired.
i haven't slept in 3 days
and i'm just exhausted.

couldn't the world be a bit more generous and just make everything go away for a few days?
i'd give you anything.

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