Wednesday, September 16, 2009

103rd st, please.

i have been daydreaming about New York.
being that i have never been there,
most of my thoughts are cinema-inspired, novel romantized,
breath taking (maybe even myths?) images
of that elusive and exhaustive city.
nevertheless, i am so intrigued by that place and want nothing more
than to spend a winter there.
i want to be bundled in an old coat, with heavy scarves and headphones on-
walking through neighborhoods-in awe
of all the people, buildings, life.
and i know exactly what song i would listen to first
during my exploring there.
i know that the city may not be a big city of dreams,
but i have some vision of being there
(atleast for only a while).
it will be cold.
it will be inspiring.
it will be slightly miserable at times.
it will be fucking amazing.

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