Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i'm your pusher.

i am returning to the "old me",
one in which inspiration was a daily thing
and there was always music playing.

it's just an injustice to wake up without your favorite song blaring.

"bored to death" is a new show on HBO that i can easily find myself obsessed with.
the characters are awkward, self-indulgent, neaurotic,
and heartbroken.
it airs sunday nights at 9:30 if you are ever in the mood for that sort of thing.

i am begining to smile a lot more lately and i think it has something to do
with the notion that i'm tired of complaining.
everyone has it hard. big fucking deal. get over it.
it takes a lot to change.
but honestly, i'm trying to understand that things are going to come and things are going to go.
as well as us.
so while we are here, we might as well be smiling.

hmmm...last night i watched a documentary on gangs in oakland, ca.
i don't think i could ever truly be in a gang,
although when i was in 6th grade i formed a gang with my friends.
i forget what we called ourselves but i remember we wore black
hoodies and listened to bone thugs.
it was great.

oh, and chelsea is going to meet sofia coppola.

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