Monday, November 1, 2010

lady of the flowers.

the room was filled with pages
the lines outlined the walls
and all it took was some scotch tape and patience.
and maybe some time to kill.
but back then,
all that i would do was listen to a song
for hours
on repeat
and hum and sing
and scream
while i stuck those pages to the walls.
happy and content
to be alone
in that room.
X st
could be 6th st
but it lacked a few key players-
the tall lanky kid with the mean eyes and his pair of ratty headphones,
the bulky kid with the teddy-bear heart and his pair of ratty blue addidas pants,
the handsome kid with his blue eyes and his ratty book of drawings,
the angel kid with his fucked up theories and his ratty cassette tapes of old men talking,
the genius kid with his focus and his ratty purple car covered in Anime,
the salty kid with his paranoia and his ratty black Sharpie...

they were all so brilliant.

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