Monday, October 25, 2010


starting to stare out into the memories
while walking on S st.
and the female cycle never helps with depression
only enhances those lulls
only makes them more enhanced//

when Kyle
was fumbling in your living room
you held him highly
you were infatuated with the idea
of love
he stood in your living room
with a full loaded chest
his brain his ammunition
his mouth
your rouge
he stared out of the empty windows and contemplated
thories on life and science
zooming past your head
because at the time you thought he was just so brilliant
(and he was)
or that you were just simply stupid
(and you were)
but most of his talk was nonsense
due to drugs
but you still held him highly
wanting a piece of him
and you both walked down the town with a few others
who formed a group
rallying under the stars
thumbing down thoughts
always fumbling//

there is always a loud feedback
when i hear a familiar name
sometimes i want it all to be the same
like how it was
like how it was
like how it was

i'm 25 but i feel like i've died a few times
because these memories
are more like
but i've lived them
i believe.

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