Wednesday, November 3, 2010


and we are all digging
drowning in dirt.
you see the four shovels
constantly moving-
hands can be roughed up with either red clay or brown dirt-
overalls, jeans, ballcaps, t-shirts,
or maybe it can be really cold-
snow perhaps?-
either way we are outside
and either way we are digging into life.
the entire time as the song plays
all that you see is the exhausting work
that has to be done-
that is being done-
the motions,
the colors,
the exhaustion,
the sweat,
the fucking weariness,
the expectations.
and then
maybe a little let up?
only to find what the kids have been looking for
upon pages
fill the dirt
and it all happens when the "one"
discovers the first piece of their "treasure"-
the single 1/3 of a page
and then the rest of them get excited
and work even harder
until they find the "treasure"-the
pages and pages
hundreds, thousands! of pages
in the grave

and the end shot
is them
all four
in this massive hole that they have dug for themselves
all dirty
covered in dirt
with huge fucking smiles on all of their faces.

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