Saturday, March 13, 2010

voodoo child.

i am drowning in homework.
no anchor no anchor no anchor

and i am surrounded by tourists
who hold cameras, strapped to their chest and chips on their shoulders
all looking for the best deal the internet has to offer
and i am wearning someone else's nametag and uniform altogether-
my name is "erin" tonight..."hello".

and i have the strongest sensation to watch the 90's movie "girl",
you know the one where Clare Danes is really young and really cute
and she has sex with a dumb "rock god" and then she falls in love with him and
only after an hour and a half, realizes that she was way better than he will ever be
and so she falls in love with her platonic best friend and they end up having sex.

remember that one?

p.s. i want to wear a headdress and drink wine and listen to jimi hendrix on vinyl.
c'mon jimi, hit me with your magic.

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