Thursday, March 18, 2010

i don't regret a single day.

talking with a friend yesterday about the irrelevant needs that we consume
when really a humble meager living is when we learn most about those around us. 
i have a 7 dollar budget to live off of for the next 3 days and wow-i just spent 4.95 at Metro Espresso but i am stubborn and i need my coffee for the day 
and wow-i was only expecting to pay 2.95 for this drink but the lady at the register told me that there was a 5 dollar minimum for debit cards
so i bought a muffin that i half heartedly in love with
but when i went to sign the slip, it said 4.95. 
was she lying to me? 

i am inspired by something small,
so many things actually.
a walk around town with my headphones on yesterday started it/
Dessa is someone that I can't get enough-and it is that same fucking song
number 39 on rotate
i don't wanna stop. 
you know, when you get hooked in, on that song that has that certain mood that you want to just live in-for days, possibly weeks, months if you are lucky? 
that song, that mood
that song has that mood 
that melancholy timbre when the piano hits the half notes perfectly
and the beat is consistent enough to feel like a temporary backbone
for when you don't want to have one.
you can walk to the beat
foot and foot in sync
and then the violin comes in just enough to tug at your heart strings.

my love is violent. 
i am in love with the simple things of the day and the lack thereof.
i am also a contradiction.
i am restless and sore and always wanting more.
i think of my mother and how hard she worked and i don't want that the rest of my life.
but then again, walking around aimlessly with this song in my head sounds better than other things i could be doing.

with so many things to do before you die,
how can you not fall in love with the temporary? 

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