Thursday, December 17, 2009

tom waits.

next year, i am determined to improve.
with my interactions with others, with my friendships, with stressing out.
it's a bit early to be making promises but
i'm eager.
working at this job makes you think a lot. too much probably.
in a mere 8 hours you can create overwhelming dilemmas for yourself
only to realize the next day that it was all made up.
i have become even more a recluse,
and not hte fun, mysterious kind.
i've become a rather extreme introvert and i sometimes love it, sometimes hate it.
i feel like i'm in high school all over again.
trying to maintain a sense of what i want to do while trying to appease others by not being too overbearing.
and it all won't even matter in a few years, let alone maybe a few months.
but this town is fucking small so it's easy to either be scrutinized or ignored.
concerned with this when it doesn't really matter.
this kind of talk is so self-absorbed.
but what are blogs for anyway?
it's nothing discreet,
let your loathing shine!

but to be honest, all i want is simle challenges
with a few friends to talk to about the loses and the winnings.
nothing else really matters.

tom waits said "we're all gonna be, just dirt in the ground" .
word brother word.

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