Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ode to 09.

i'm stuck in a hotel lobby with screaming Turkish children and men who hate women. 

needless to say, i am contemplating my life and all of the events that have occurred in 2009. 

falling in love with jordyn happened in '08 but the fact that we were able to spend last New Years together (on my couch in my old living room because I was sick and could not go out) means so much to me. the fact that we will be spending another New Years tomorrow together makes me insanely grateful. that girl is legit. 

i fell in love with another girl in '09-but this one was pretty hairy and snores a lot. Ophelia, the boss bitch. she is my daughter. i love that pug. 

i turned 24 this year ( a number that i have always been slightly afraid of). the birthday was great-close friends, mexican food, and intoxication. 

i went back to school this year and finally felt focused and prepared. 

music was the most progressive this year (hoping that this will continues onto 2010).  genaro and nicholas were added, we all fell in love with one another (despite a few verbal spats and whatnot). we went on tour, went to snoop dogg's house (sort of) and raided a liquor store. we also played the most shows ever this year and signed onto Manimal. 

i stopped working at the fucking hell job (peets coffee) and started working at a hotel. i am now free of long lines of coffee snobs and the boss from hell but am still a little lost with working at a place that my heart is not into.

a lot of people have died this year. 
it's fucking sad and always a hard thing to see or hear. 
besides the obvious mega stars that died this, the recent death of Brittany Murphy has me still reeling. it's strange because i am not crazy into movies but her death has not settled well with me. she was young and beautiful and seemed really sweet. 
another death that got to me was singer vic chesnutt. he was 45 when he committed suicide on christmas day. even though, i don't know much of his music, his story really got to me. he seemed like a really hardworking, genuine man and musician. 
people, please. stop dying. 
this world needs you. 

if i've learned anything this year, i've learned mostly that i do not want to die. 
i want to live. 
i know this may seem strange to say but in the past ( and i think we all do this to some extent), i thought about death a lot. probably a lot more than i should have. 
this year, i've learned to really respect life and to appreciate what each moment can teach you. 
and all of this might sound cheesy but it's what i've learned. 
one rough month or day can change with a phone call or by simply walking outside of your front door. 
my life has changed a lot this year and i'm learning this.

i don't think i made too many new friends this year. 
i tried to keep the ones that i have had.

i am excited for 2010. i am actually looking forward to this year more so than any other. 
let there be what will come. 

i am not afraid. 

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