Thursday, October 8, 2009

rednecks, weave, and the token fool.

sociology class was frustrating today.
a lot of the kids in that class are just that, kids.
they are small minded, ignorant individuals who rally in defense behind nothing but roles and what celebrities tell them is cool.
they are the reason why stereotypes perpetuate.
it's hard to sit in class and keep my mouth shut.
sometimes, i do
and just shake my head at the discriminating things they say
but most times
i simply raise my hand and tell them to 1. read a history book 2. read a dictionary and 3. live a life a bit more open minded to different races/sexes/orientations/memberships/etc.

today was hard.
it was a redneck girl with weave who felt the need to verbally fight with an ignorant boy who believed that all women should cook and clean still.
now, i admit...his statements were pretty stupid.
but everyone knew he was stupid, mostly everyone just shooed him away and paid him no mind. he wants attention. that is the only reason he makes those statements, right? i mean, i'm pulling for him still. i'm not giving hope on him yet. i still want to believe that somewhere he is a half intelligent man boy.
but no, midway through the teacher's lecture,
she had to scream at him from across the room,
saying something about her 2 children that she raises alone and then she doesn't "need no man to help me and mine out" .
she then proceeded to make some jokes about his mom
and it was all over from there.
the teacher never had control over the classroom after that.
a couple of times, i just wanted to walk out of the room.
it's a waste of time to try to possibly learn in that kind of
high school environment,
where everyone is 16 again and nothing makes sense
and everyone thinks they know everything
and boys treat women like they own them
and they are a walking stereotype
but they can't help it.
it's all they know.

sacramento city college. there is a reason i didn't go to you after high school.
financial aid, let me back into sacramento state.

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