Thursday, October 22, 2009

minimal and the 30 minute phone call.

reading emerson's "self-reliance" made me want to run all the way home,
off to some mountain and scream "thank you! thank you ralph! "
because, quite simply, he told me living a simple life is indeed just and right.
i have been fairly optimistic lately and i believe it is from
my certain awareness that i desire nothing (material, that is).
machu and i screamed at each other on the phone for a half hour (the longest conversation i've had in a while on the phone)
about the greatness of minimalism. she mentioned Ghandi and I, Emerson and
I felt relieved that i still have some people in my life who believe in all of that.
I actually know quite a few and it's beautiful.

i like all of my old sweaters.
i love my simple pair of shoes that all look the same.
i even love my faded one pair of black jeans.

and i love my books.
i love them.

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