Wednesday, October 7, 2009


and it's really all perspective.
i see amy rose living an entirely different life,
we are not even on the same spectrum.
i am proud of her.
those pictures you take are so full of color/love is something you are born with.
a smile so hard it can never be messed with/fused into semi-color.

in order news, Thomas Paine was a damn good writer.
that man could write so well , he could (and did) win any argument.
it makes me very interested in becoming a better writer because i've always believed that words are the most effective weapons-
that if you could write well,
then maybe you were that much closer to speaking well,
and then if you got those both down,
you would be unstoppable.
like some weathered force, a wall that no one could knock down.
and i want that but lately, i feel a blank in my words, whether writing or speaking.
i probably just need to read more.
read a book and you'd be surprised how articulate you can become.

here's to t. paine.

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