Monday, February 15, 2010

a serious man

the past few days i have been hiding in my room,
secular and to a full view of the ivy frowning around at me.
it keeps growing.

last night jordyn and i went to tres hermanas and ate more food than should be allowed. it was nice to indulge (i admit) but i am ready to go to the gym tomorrow.

there are 2 small girls in the hotel lobby right now, jumping in front of a mirror. being 8 and unaware was the best.

i watched "a serious man" the other night and felt conflicted at first. i love the cohen brothers and think they are brilliant but i was not into this movie -at first. it took another day for the plot and meanings to sink in-it definatly left me thinking about the movie-so i guess it served it's purpose. but i was not thrilled at first, like i had been while watching "no country for old men" but then again, those two are nothing alike. anyway, "a serious man" is brilliant. it is complex and full of despair. it leaves you with little hope left for humanity, but it's beautiful in that it leaves you with real, permanent, sinking sadness.
none of that fairytale bullshit or glamour. it's hopeless.

ew. i sound so cynical but i'm not. i just really like the sad sometimes.

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