Saturday, February 6, 2010

nostaglic as fuck. (no need to read this)

the past few days have been uninspiring.
i need to change my environment as well as my attitude about things.

i've been missing a lot of things lately.
my mother, being 12 again (and only caring about the Olympics, basketball, and Dominique Moceanu), old friends, the 6th st house, machu, lucas, jimmy-jimmy-jimmy, spray paint, my old classical guitar, my room with the 1 wondow, my old bathroom with the apple ornament, my tiny front yard, the roof, my old obsessions, my brother, the neighbor with the tiny dogs, dinner parties for friends, jessieca maranda, conversations over wine, chelsea, conversations in general (jesus!)

i'm tired of watching movies or falling asleep in front of TV.

not going to do that anymore.

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