Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy native americans /shoshone/ sioux/ black bear

i have to say that i am in such a better state than i've ever been lately.

i am so in love that it's overwhelming most of the time.
and to know that this is not some fleeting, secretive, rushed emotion-no it's over a year old and i'm still floored by the mere opening my eyes to see her eyelids (hushed over in some slumber) or the mere opening of her mouth, voice lifted -
her voice makes me ache.
ache. ache. ache.
i'm so gratful for her. nothing i say will ever really matter or even halfway be articulated the way i would like it to be
but you know the feeling when you hear your favorite song for the first time and you just keep on playing it on repeat because it's the only thing that you want and need at that moment ?
well, that's how it is with her, only it's been nonstop for over 500 days or so and i'm still obsessed.


today is thanksgiving and for this, i give thanks for the people in my life.
although, i like to think that we would all do this everyday not just for some American celebration. but either way, i love all of my friends and family.
they know that. i know it. i am blessed to have the people in my life.
they are beautiful and loving, talented, genuine, and inspiring.
so thank you.

yes, you.

p.s. i really miss my grandmother. i realized this today when i was playing guitar for 5 seconds. i need to call her.
i also miss my cousin Gary. he and i were best friends growing up. i get to see him tomorrow before work. oh, glory.

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