Wednesday, September 29, 2010


into the night
the light
purple scene
i want to lie in a bed shrouded by candles

where the windows open up to city lights

yes, you know -the whole typical dream.

once drove all over San Francisco
with Sole blaring out of the speakers
you know,
you remember
the album where he samples Portishead & Tricky
yea that one
well, anyway
we drove all over those hills
us in awe of the lyrical violence that we were hearing
and we had so many damn dreams back then
that involved that two of (us)
working together
making shit happen.

and we did for quite some time.
was a good run.

but I remember that city
the air was something strong in my lungs
there was no need for the air conditioner
we rolled the windows down
to take it in.

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