Monday, August 23, 2010

Grandpa Joe

My grandpa Joe passed away last week.
So strange that he is not here.

There are a lot of memories of him.

His brown, brown skin
and his baseball caps
homeade tattoos
and cigarrettes.
He was old school.

The only pictures that I have of he and I
are from my 1st birthday
(no lie)
I was little,
on his lap
and he is touching my nose
with his index finger
and I am smiling at him
in some quiet,
who the hell
is this guy
who the hell
is he not?

The only other pictures I have of him
are newer ones,
when he is older
-riding horses, sitting in the garage, smoking out of his pipe, smiling into the camera
because he was now a changed man.

I'm glad he was a changed man.

Rest in peace grandpa Joe.

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