Thursday, July 29, 2010


we had a map of the piano
I think Lucas took it with him
to Seattle
he and John took a quarter each
Aaron took the smallest sliver
Kyle ate his portion
Machu's in her bones
Michael has pinned it to his heart
and I have it tattooed on my brain

and we all took acid
remember when we were young (er)
and everyone was single
and there was no asking about whereabouts
i met you guys in the Colfax hills
tiny car
tiny radio
and we swallowed the bread whole
and went dreaming in the dark

i had my back flat on the bridge
and the water was under me
you three went into the pocket
and laughed about prophecies

and i remember being really ok with being so small

and then in the backseat,
it finally hit me
that our dear friend Kyle was beautiful
and a genius
and i wanted nothing more than for him to be near
but he was off ranting about the government somewhere
so instead, we all held worship
while listening to his music

and ha remember
my lungs were green
i could feel them
that night
and the entire next day

gender lines didn't exist
the smile of his was the equivalent of hers
and my face hid in the books
at my mother's house
when i felt like it