Sunday, April 4, 2010


this past week has been a frantic blur
and this time, 
i am not being dramatic. 

experiences that are traumatic 
NEVER leave you.
don't forget that.
trust me,
i tried and all that i got were a few eventful years
and now 
all i feel 
is the 
crying light. 

there has to be hope. 
there must be, otherwise why would we be here?

if anything, 
you have to gather all of those moments that kill you
and pull them together 
and create something really beautiful if you can. 

whether you scream at people, 
or cry during recordings, 
or jump and shout on a stage,
or read to a child,
or write letters to dead heroes,
or kiss your lover,
or walk your dog,
or hug a friend,
or eat cereal.

it has to work out. 

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